A la une Economie


The young Cameroonian economic operator, owner of Tropical Trading Company Cameroon (TTCCameroon), based in Douala, has made a name on the international scene. After his gold category trophy in 2018 in Frankfurt, TRIYAH SWEBU LEBOH has for a consecutive year allowed his country Cameroon, to be known woldwide. Winner of the International Star for Quality Award, the founder of Asset Management Group is among one of the best African entrepreneur in the quality management excellence category.

Another reward that comes at the right time when we know how much Cameroon needs more visibility on the international level.


A recognition from BIDGROUP ONE, an organization created in 1985 and represented in 179 countries, which ranks all over the world, quality excellence and entrepreneurship.

BIDGROUP ONE is considered to be the most efficient and accessible private organization for the dissemination and application of Total Quality Management Models on a global scale.


Its main mission is to disseminate and advance the culture of quality among leaders who are at the head of prestigious institutions and organizations. This is a challenge that BID faces every year, including the promotion and sponsorship of conferences, conventions, publications and awards. These actions are intended to reward the extraordinary effort made by leaders who aim to apply and maintain models of Total Quality.

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