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Feymania: A Pastor Imprisoned for Fraud

Cyrille Mbanya wandji is pondering his fate at the moment in a prison in Yaounde. He is being prosecuted on accusations of fraud and false pretence suit.

A decision taken on June 8 by Mengue Bikoro Onguene, the preceding judge at the Yaounde court of first instance. A preventive measure before deliberation of this case on a fraud of nearly 40 million francs for a fake project to create and equip a dialysis center in Bonaberie, in Douala.

Indeed this is a problem of extortion of money for an imaginary project. The accused, Mr. Cyrille Mbanya, is a Cameroonian pastor living in the United States.

The story goes back to the month of June 2020 when the accused pastor approached his victim for a loan of money. An amount of 39 million francs for an investment consisting in the creation and purchase of equipment for a dialysis center in Douala. Complainant Dr. Erisemary, a kind hearted woman believed in the project and in the pastor’s integrity. She mobilized this amount of money requested for the support and accompaniment of this project, which is so important for the health of populations suffering from a renal failure. But months after the funding, the said project never got off the ground and the equipment never delivered. Concerned about losing such a large sum of money, the philanthropist asked to be reimbursed. But the executioner took the malicious pleasure of denying the loan of money and instead engaged in a blackmail operation. While awaiting the outcome of the case on June 22 at the Mfoundi Court of First Instance, the scammer is pondering his fate in a prison in Yaounde.

A blackmailer flushed out:

According to investigations carried out the alleged crook is not at his first operation of extortion of money. Several other people were victims of the maneuvers of Pastor Cyrille Wandji.

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