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38th Edition of Women’s Day : MINTRANSPORT Celebrates in pop and fanfare

Under the watchful eye of the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Masséna NGALLE BIBEHE, on March 8th, 2023, at the esplanade of the Ministry, women in the transport domain in all effervescence and peasantry commemorated the 38th edition of the International Women’s Day.

Guided by thisyear’s theme: “For an Inclusive World: Innovations and Technologies for Gender Equality”, women of the Ministry of Transport started living the event from the 6th of March, with a 2-day workshop on manufacturing of sanitation products.

On the d-day, in their beautifully-tailored Women’s Day fabric, carrying placards bearing messages relative to the transport sector and the theme of the year, women of the Ministry of Transport spectacularly match pass at the 20th May Boulevard, to the ovation of all, particularly the Minister of Transport.

Next stop to cap the celebration was at the esplanade of the Ministry of Transport. Here, the women were entreated with magical cultural dance steps and playbacks, while savouring the beautiful aroma coming from the buffet.

Speaking to the women as a response to the word of address from the Point Focal Genre, Minister Jean Ernest Masséna NGALLE BIBEHE acknowledged the glow of the women in their fabric, saluted the fabulous match pass staged by the women and promised ensuring their greater representation at the decision-making table.

And to the astonishment of the Minister, he was taken aback and offered a surprised birthday cake and gifts in anticipation of his birthday on March 9th, 2023.

This awesome surprise and the reaction of the Minister added colour and made the celebration of the 38th International Women’s Day in the Ministry of Transport, one none like other.

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