STCW Trainings: NOIAA LTD receives the Ministry of Transports agreement

The Minister of Transports Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe has just given the national offshore company Institute of Autralia and America (NOIAA Ltd.), the right to deliver Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (stcw). A will materialized through the decision No 00147 / D / Mint / SG / Damvn / CJ / Sdnspem / sgm of 23rd May 2019. This decision follows the conclusions of an administrative and technical audit carried out by the Ministry of Transport on the 28 March 2018.

NOIAA Corp which is a leading company in various Onshore, Offshore and Marine consulting services, mainly in the fields of safety training and labor supply, was founded in 1975. Located in Houston, Texas, NOIAA Corps is a diversified conglomerate with subsidiaries NOIAA LTD and OCERY Plc, in Central Africa, it is also a security training company. Serves high-risk industries with specialized training programs in safety, survival and emergency response.



According to Eliot Sycamore, the general manager, “we deliver training courses that guarantee rapid socio-professional integration for anyone working abroad” and explains how to use safety equipment in the event of an emergency.


The training includes 6 modules: survival principles, lifejackets, immersion suits, life raft and life raft, dangers and symptoms related to hypothermia and drowning, emergency procedure and facility safety individual and collective survival techniques at sea.

Companies and other institutions interested in these courses are invited to seize the opportunity.

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