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39th COMIFER Session: MINT calls for rapid execution of railway programmes

The 39th Session of the Inter-ministerial Committee for Railway Infrastructures (COMIFER) has been on May 05, 2023, under the lead and supervision of the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest MASSÉNA NGALLE BIBEHE.

Committee participants notably: Minister Delegate to the Minister of Transport, Secretary General, Inspector General, Deputy General Managers in charge of Operations and Passengers Transport- CAMRAIL, Director of Railway Transport, amongst other Committee members, examined salient issues at heart of the revamp of the railway sector. These issues include: renovation of railway infrastructures, acquisition of train wagons and extension of the national railway network.

Coming out of the Session, Minister Jean Ernest MASSÉNA NGALLE BIBEHE prescribed rapid execution of the last phase of the five-year Railway Investment Programme Phase One (PQ1), which involves the upgrade of the telecom artery between Douala and Ngaoundere. He equally insisted on the need to finalize the update of the five-year Railway Investment Programme Phase Two (PQ2) in preparation, as well as the project management attached to it .

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